The right product for each purpose.

The polyester's of the DANMELTTHANE PES-Range are delivered in granules (pellets), powder- and rods. They are used for the producing of shoes ( toe-, side- and heel lasting ), for thermobonding systems of textiles as well for the adhesive laminating of a lot of different materials. At the manufacturing of filters the polyester's of the DANMELTTHANE PES-Range are needed for the bonding of the filter materials in the filterboxes and as laminitation adhesive for bonding the filter non wowen / webs.

Special co-Poyesters are basic raw materials for the processing of reactive adhesive hot melts and for the formulation of high grade lamination adhesives. It is also suitable to use the DANMELTTHANE-PES-Polyesters as raw material components for the production of lacquers and coil coatings.