The right product for each purpose.

DANQUINSA GmbH polyamide department continuous development resins in the shape of granules, rods, cylinders and powder.

The Polyamides of the DANMELTTHANE PA-RANGE are important adhesive raw materials, like they are used for instance by the production of shoes (toe-, side- and heel lasting), for folding, interlining and toe puff application. Polyamide will also be applied by the adhesive equipment- and lamination of divers textile- and plastic materials. They are needed by embedding-, coating- and adhesive compounds for the electronic-, electrical production industry. It is a tailor made product needed by the bonding- and lamination of filter materials ( automotive, air condition, industrial filters ). The DANMELTTHANE PA-polyamide granules are a basic raw material used by the production of lacquers and flexible- to hard coatings.