adhesive applications

Danquinsa GmbH, the system provider for the adhesives industry.

The Danquinsa adhesive raw material selection allows the adhesives industry to produce a wide range of adhesives for industrial applications and for adhesives, which are processed by the crafts or Do-it-yourself adhesives. The Danquinsa adhesive raw materials are used in the adhesive formulations as a binder, additive and functional components.

The DANCURE-isocyanate crosslinking agents are used in two-component adhesives as curing (crosslinking). The Danquinsa adhesive raw materials are responsible in the adhesive formulation for the surface bonding (adhesion), and the adhesive films for the achievable internal strength (cohesion).

The range of Danquinsa adhesive raw materials includes:

  • Adhesive binder in the form of granules
  • Adhesive dispersions
  • Adhesive adducts and polymers
  • Adhesive polyurethane prepolymers
  • Tackifier Polyadducts
  • Aliphatic polyurethane adducts of adhesion promoters, primers
  • Polyurethane adhesive polymers
  • Aqueous tackifier emulsions
  • Rheology additives, wax and siloxane emulsions
  • Isocyanate crosslinkers