Polyurethane Films

Our specialities.

For the extrusion of polyurethane foils we deliver a broadly based assortment of basic raw materials. Chrystallinisation polyurethane granules are unique basic materials for thermo-, hot seal- and other high-performance hot melt foils. You will find non- and partly crystallisation TPU's which will be applied to produce compact PUR-foils. Aromatic structured TPU's will be used to produce polyurethane foils, which will provide good mechanical characteristics, high wear and tear characteristic, excellent low-temperature impact strength and sufficient resistance to oil, grease and chemicals.

The disadvantage of these aromatic TPU-systems, which contain mainly MDI (methylene diisocyante) as isocyanate component, is that they will have a yellow tendency by the influence of light. UV-stabilizers can prolong this tendency but can't eliminate it. For applications, by which this tendency must be avoided and a light stability is in any case required, aliphatic based TPU's must be applied.

If you produce PUR-films, you should not neglect to get to know our thermoplastic TPU's / PUR-elastomers for your PUR-films.

The TPU elastomers and DANTHANE compounds offered by Danquinsa GmbH are suitable for the production of film applications by the following methods:

  • Flat film extrusion
  • Blow film extrusion
  • Mono- and co extrusion of films / foils