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Our specialities.

1. Aromatic Polyurethane Types

The aromatic TPUs the PEARLTHANE 11TXX series, especially the Type PEARLTHANE 11T85UV have been proven for many years in various interior parts and vehicle series of well-known car manufacturers.

Main types of these product ranges are:

  • PEARLTHANE 11T80 (Shore hardness A81)
  • PEARLTHANE 11T85 (Shore hardness A85)
  • PEARLTHANE 11T85UV (Shore hardness A85, integrated UV-stabilizing)
  • PEARLTHANE 11T92E (Shore hardness A92)
  • DANCOLOR MB-106819 (TPU-color masterbatch, color black-JET BLACK, additional quantity: 1,5-2,5%)
  • PEARLTHANE MB-9005 (RAL 9005 = black, additional quantity: 1,5-2,5%)

The DANCOLOR MB- and PEARLTHANE MB- masterbatch ranges are optimally qualified for the colouring of the PEARLTHANE TPU-grades. All DANCOLOR MB- and PEARLTHANE MB- masterbatches are produced on base of TPU-binders. Different color shades are standard in our range.

2. Aliphatic Polyurethane Types

Aliphatic TPUs, like PEARLTHANE 91T85 will be applied when a 100% UV- and sunray resistance is a must.
For the colouring of the aliphatic TPUs we recommend our DANCOLOR TPU- aliphatic masterbatch range.

The aliphatic TPU grades are suitable for:

  • the injection moulding processing of automotive parts, as for instance compartments, gear knobs etc.
  • extruded mono- and co-extrusion foils, highly lightfast decor foils
  • as basic material for the production of slush moulding compounds and slush moulding powder

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