Corporate Culture

Due to a 25 years individual experience in the area of polyurethane and polymer chemistry, we are able to offer mainly specialities beside the standard and classical products. In this process it is very important for us to have a cooperative collaboration with our customers.

Our polyester and polyamide adhesive agents and additive products are processed successfully in many industrial sectors.

As an adepted and future-oriented company we want to offer in all delivery and product areas high quality products, best problem solvings, intelligent and flexible service features. From us you will not receive only products, but all that belongs to the environment of a product delivery.

In the areas of quality assurance, occupational safety, work hygiene and environmental protection, we have set ourselves high requirements. They are far beyond those adopted by the legislator.

The current priorities of the management of DANQUINSA GMBH are:

  • The company must remain fully functional even with a change of management structures or alternation of generation.
  • We want to keep long-term the flexibility of the company that is appreciated by our customers in all service areas.
  • The financial structure of the company must allow a growth and provide the suppliers a high credit rating.
  • As an owner-managed company we do not necessarily need to receive high profits, it is not our intention to bring the company on the stock market. We want to keep the company healthy and serve our customers with maximum flexibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Our motivated employees need a safe and long-term job.
  • The company should grow healthy and controlled, no sales at all costs!