Staff News

A part of our history.

In the news staff will inform you when new employees enter or depart the company. Specialized services that provide the employees in the company are also honored here . Also on the private activities and hobbies of the employees there are reports .

In addition to the current employee information can be found in archive form important excerpts from the earlier years of the Staff News .


25th anniversary DANQUINSA GmbH

Also the employees of the Danquinsa GmbH celebrate the 25 year anniversary of their company during a dinner in stylish ambience.

Trainee 2014

In February 2014 Ms. Alexa Beck completed her school internship at our company.

Her main tasks were diverse translations and written contacts as well as telephone contacts with Slovak speaking customers. Ms. Alexa Beck speaks Slovak and German as native language.

She exercised herself in the marketing area at the illustrate technical design in the second half of her internship.

We wish Ms. Alexa Beck all the best for her future school career and professional career!


Youth Soccer-camp

The manager and selected employees of the Danquinsa GmbH invite together with the soccer department of the VfL Dettenhausen to the first Youth Soccer-Camp, which takes place at the sports ground for the age groups 1999 to 2005. This youth camp is financed by the sum, which was run in 2012 and which was donated by Danquinsa GmbH for this arrangement.


Employee-News 2012

Our employee Ms Natalija Butovas participated successfully on the 24-hour run with the Danquinsa team in Dettenhausen. Her run route at the 24-hour run made an important contribution for the scheduled youth soccer camp in 2013.

We thank Natalija very much for this performance!

We like to welcome Mrs. Nora Schmitz.

Mrs. Schmitz is graduated as international management assistance with integrated year abroad in United Kingdom.

Mrs. Schmitz will support our team in the international business management.


Employee-News 2011

The management would like to thank Mrs. Bosch for her organisational support of the FAKUMA 2011 in Friedrichshafen, Germany!


Employee-News 2010

In August 2010 the managing department of DANQUINSA GmbH has given its congratulation to Mr. Joerg Horrer for his long-standing work at DANQUINSA GmbH. Mr. Joerg Horrer (Graduate Engineer, Sales Manager and Application Engineer) could celebrate his 15 anniversary of employment at DANQUINSA GmbH.

Mr. Joerg Horrer has been working at DANQUINSA GmbH since his technical college studies. In the first years of his employment he make a key contribution to the build up of the IT system of DANQUINSA GmbH and he even helped to create a PC Database. Since 01.07.1998 Mr. Joerg Horrer is responsible for the sales and application engineering in the area of the thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Mr. Horrer has become an in-demand adviser for customers, who are working in the field of injection moulding and extrusion. In the past years Mr. Horrer has been worked very active for DANQUINSA GmbH. He has contributed significantly to the company growth and success.

It is nice that Mr. Horrer has still time for his favourite hobby in spite of his many tasks and responsibilities at DANQUINSA GmbH. Mr. Horrer is in the possess his old tractor, which must be maintained regularly. Mr. Horrer is married and has two daugthers. We hope that Mr. Horrer will even work many more years at DANQUINSA GmbH in the best of health and with unchanged joy at work.


Farewell of Mrs. Fritzsche - Secretaries Office / DANQUINSA

We would like to thank Mrs. Fritzsche for her work in many years. She goes well deserved in retirement. We wish Mrs. Fritzsche and her husband all the best for their future!


MERQUINSA 2007 Distributor AWARD

The distribution department of DANQUINSA GmbH wins the MERQUINSA 2007 Distributors AWARD.


Farewell of Mr. Müller - TPU-Area Manager / MERQUINSA

Mr. Müller is stepping down from his position as honorary treasured employee, which he has held for many years.


Honouring of Mr. Horrer / DANQUINSA

On 30.09.2004 our Sales - and Application Manager was honoured for his special and professional efforts to design and create our new homepage. Since 01.07.1998 Mr. Joerg Horrer has been working for our company. During the time of his chemical study he was already working at the Danquinsa GmbH as a trainee and was trained in many different fields.


Trainee Jennifer Rieth

We offer students of secondary and high school an occupational practical training. In 2004 this offer was taken by Jennifer Christina Rieth Student of the Schönbuch Gymnasium Holzgerlingen/Germany. The German-/Austrian student has exceptional good grades in the languages English, French and Italian.