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Expansion of the management board

DANQUINSA GmbH has expanded its management board on 01.02.2022.

From this point on Dr. Alexander Daniel takes over the technical management.

His main area of work is:

  • Technical management for the product divisions of TPU, TPU compounds, TPU masterbatches and additive batches
  • TPU and polymer adduct raw materials for the adhesive industry
  • Research and development in the area of own brands, especially adhesion bonding agent compounds and cross linkers
  • Copolyesters and copolyamides
  • His area also includes quality management, REACH, product safety, IMDS and the area of emission analytics (FOG / VOC)

Dr. Alexander Daniel has been working for a long time in the field of development and application technology in the polyurethane chemistry. In recent years he has been able to gain experience at well-known suppliers especially in the automotive industry.

The commercial management continues to be led by the founder of the company Mr. Peter Daniel.

Foto Dr. Alexander Daniel

LUBRIZOL Agent and Distributors Meeting 2017

Barcelona 29./30.03.2017

On the occasion of the regularly held LUBRIZOL agent and distributors meeting in Montmelo, Barcelona, Spain. Mr. Peter Daniel, Managing Director of DANQUINSA GmbH, was awarded the Innovation Prize for "TPU Applications". Mr. Daniel emphasized in his thanks for awarding the award that this award is due to the entire Danquinsa team.


25 years DANQUINSA GmbH

Danquinsa celebrating in 2014 with different events its 25th anniversary and 25 years of the site Dettenhausen. In this regard, the Danquinsa GmbH was honored by the Industry and Commerce (IHK) Reutlingen with a certificate of honor.


In March 2014 start of production at Danquinsa for the new DMF free DANCOLL adhesion promoter and primer, called DANCOLL 245-62AN.


DANCOLL-Polyurethane dispersions

Danquinsa expands the range DANCOLL polyurethane dispersions and various additives for the production of thermoplastic and reactive polyurethane laminating adhesives. Specially designed for adhesive lamination of automotive interior parts, an extensive range of raw materials available.
Different carrier components can be connected safe environment friendly and extremely ageing resistant with diverse decor materials with such structured adhesives.


The production and the sales of the DANTHANE-blend-range has started.

Danquinsa GmbH provides special modified hard components, especially for the 2K-injection moulding.

The New-Polycaprolactone-Chemistry initiates the development of new innovative products.


The new developments of polymers for the decorative melt coating are completed and the products are brought to market maturity.

The area Danquinsa Engineering Plastics is expanded.


The area Danquinsa GmbH Distribution is expanded.

For the supply of the automotive industry and the automotive suppliers, now Just In Time deliveries occur. The 24 hour delivery service for system deliveries has started in Germany.


Danquinsa GmbH expands the business for the co-extrusion at the foil- and plate applications.

For this area a complete range of hard- and soft- elastomers as well as the corresponding colour and additive masterbatches are provided.


The Danquinsa GmbH products, especially the range DANCOLL and DANCURE have been exported to Asia, especially China. The India business started as well.


The DANTHANE-compounds, DANTHANE-powders and DANTHANE-blends are used sucessfully in the market after a longer development time.

Already in the first year the budgeted turnover in this new range is exceeded by 25%.


Now the thermoplastic polyurethanes are also processed in the 2-K injection moulding. The first tests with multi-components injection moulding start as well. Danquinsa starts with the production of the DANCOLOR-colour masterbatches.


In the first half year 2005 the Danquinsa GmbH prepares the warehouse logistics for the new starting Danquinsa Distribution GmbH area.

In July 2005 the logistics centre Gelnhausen opened and the distribution started. The so far distribution Danquinsa-SOUTH remains especially for the dangerous goods.

The production start of the TPU pre-compounds (DANTHANE 125K-20F-Compound) occurs.


The first bio-based plastic raw materials in the area thermoplastic polyurethanes and polyamides are verified laboratory. The development of the “green polymer chemistry” started.


The production of the Danquinsa-product ranges


is expanded.

Danquinsa GmbH concluded the first contracts with distributors for the sale of the goods in East Europe.


The sales area of Danquinsa GmbH has been expanded in this year, especially in the area East Europe. Countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovkia became important buyers of the Danquinsa products and Danquinsa technologies.


Danquinsa GmbH expands considerably the existing area with adhesive raw materials and plastic products for the calendering in the areas:

  • extrusion
  • blow extrusion
  • injection moulding applications

Danquinsa GmbH introduces the first aqueous polyurethane dispersions for adhesive applications into the market. These were first tested for the shoe sole adhesion, but then they proved themselves especially for applications of automotive interieur laminations and especially for the so-called furniture membrane press process.


The businesses of Danquinsa GmbH mainly focus on the area thermoplastic polyurethane resins for the production of solvent containing adhesives. The development of the polycaprolactone special adhesives for lamination applications at the montage of automotive interieur parts has started. Special formulations allow the lamination of automotive door covering in the so-called hand lay-up process.


The Danquinsa GmbH is established in Stuttgart, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany on 21. April 1989.

The company is entered in the commercial register under:
Danquinsa chemistry and labour devices sales, consulting and service GmbH, D-72135 Dettenhausen